Vegan Dominance

by Glass Killing Floor

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released March 6, 2019

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonah Thorne
Original art by Sue Coe: Entrance to the Slaughterhouse
Copyright 1991 Sue Coe, courtesy Galerie St. Etienne, NY
Bitter Melody Records 2019


all rights reserved



Glass Killing Floor Kentucky

Seth - Drums
Jonah - Guitar
Bryan - Vocals
Spencer - Bass

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Track Name: You Are The Enemy
How many must die
Before you realize
Death is not an option
Lives not yours to take
Innocence denied
None get out alive
It’s blood for blood
Your time to die
Begin the slaughter
Tear away your flesh
Begin the slaughter
Until there’s nothing left
You take their lives
We’ll take yours
Blood spilt for blood
An eye for an eye
I won’t hide the truth
For peace at night
Look into their eyes
Life drains like blood
Decimate your lives
This is our revenge
Vegan dominance
As long as the process repeats
You’ll be my fucking enemy
Track Name: Agony Reigns
Fire rains down from the sky
As angels burn
We hear their cries
Innocent beings are left to die
The blood of human kind
Fills the rivers of the poisoned mind
Conditioned to accept
The world of lies they’ve bred
There is no excuse
For blood on your hands
Pestilence reigns down
Locusts fill your lungs
Agonizing deaths
Await those who oppose
No resistance to the end
Track Name: Final Destiny
The gears of machines
Led by your hands
Takes life from the world
Cuts the throat of innocence
Mindless cruelty for no gain
Being slaughtered for your taste
When will the suffering end?
Killing again and again
Will you be satisfied
When you are terrified?
Deny the truth
Follow the meek
My will is strong
Your conviction’s weak
Who could facilitate their agony
For a paycheck
Your greed knows no bounds
Will you scream
When death comes back around?
To collect your life
Can you still not see?
What you do is pure cruelty
Your eyes are blinded by your greed
Track Name: Blood Of Eden
At the hands of god
You’ll be wiped from the earth
No trace left of existence
Sins punishable by death
Tear out your tongue
To never taste divinity again
The gates have closed
Your veins have opened
Eden runs with the blood of you
Showering the land with perverse pain and suffering
All caused by your lack of control
Reduced to waste
You’ll feel the pain
Fall to your knees
Pray for a release

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